“Hi, I was told to hang up and call 911, now please don’t send the brigade with their hatchets, but my wall mounted oven won’t turn off and it’s hardwired can you just send a couple of guys?” I may not have said these exact words but something similar came out of my mouth and from the other end of the phone I was told to have everyone in the house evacuate. Within minutes a couple of volunteer cars pulled up, then the Fire Chief and eventually I had welcomed about a dozen fully suited firefighters from three different boroughs into my nest. It was quite the scene, a scene without hatchets striking into my cupboards thankfully. My wall mounted oven was removed still steaming and melting and left on the driveway. Once the firefighters deemed the device no longer a fire threat, they scurried away to their designated vehicles, about a half a dozen along the cul-de-sac, including an EMT who trotted with the gurney back to the ambulance. I walked back into the smokeless house and stared at my hollowed cupboard…ugh another project to follow up with and fret about with the warranty company.

It’s events like these that encumber and hinder our dreams with our nest. We have a few more unforeseen obstacles to tackle before we even finish with painting. Furnishing Red has also been placed on the back burner. Unfinished. Rich summers greens are fading from before our eyes and we still have unfinished projects that were planned to tackle while the verdant summer foliage surrounded us. But taking care of what takes care of us is priority. Red has been doused with an abundance of rain and she needs to be attended to. While we at least have dinning and seating accommodations for the much anticipate holiday next month, we were hoping for some cozier sleeping arrangements and lounging provisions for anyone who cares to enjoy our company this Thanksgiving. What we can’t provide for in a restful night, we will make up for in libations and a generous fare. What I have noticed while the floral whispers for better days in the misty mornings are the varied movements of the sun kissed walls. Not complicated, just attentive to these nacreous spots on my walls lately.

I find them mesmerizing…

                                                                                                                I hope you do too.


12 thoughts on “Unfinished

    • Despite the drama and conditions of the event, they were all a pleasure to see in my nest. I told them this was a good drill for them…so grateful for all of our service people and a lot were volunteers! Dealing with the warranty company was stressful and a battle, you could cry for me for that one.

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  1. What an unusual circumstance Cristina. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of an oven not turning off, but I’m so thankful you were aware and able to call in the brigade! LOL! Now you have an oven to replace before Thanksgiving. ;-( I love the glimpses of your beautiful nest and I’m sure you’re an incredible host to your guests. You’ll have everything beautifully appointed just in time for the holiday, I’m confident. It all sounds very special!

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    • Yes, it became so hot that it melted the connectors, when it started smoking and I turned off the main electric it still had a long way too cool off, I had no choice to call since it was too hot to handle to remove. The cupboard was measured at 120 degrees once removed. Luckily we have replaced it finally with one with the same dimemsions…just in time for the big day in the kitchen. Thank you Debra, as always your lovely words make me smile and gives me strength. Wishing you glimpses of peaceful moments in your nest as well.


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