There’s a layer of dust o’er hard to reach places and in far away corners of the nest. I need to desperately wipe them down with my home-made cleanser infused with extra peppermint oil to lift my spirits.Outside the wind blows and burns more. Flirting words drift away from me. By vows they’re meant for me, yet evocative, haunting verses wander away. Not a benign set of events, yet day after day the same fleeting prose pierce through me, thorny and black and creeping into my wounds, right into the ears of those who feel empty.

Sometimes I feel like I’m in the wrong space, stuck in between dimensions. I feel the urge to scuttle south to be in another hemisphere, one that suits me more, where the sun warms the soul and restores it over and over again.Despite a peek of the glowing spark that finally emerged in this pristine and frozen land, dark matter overcomes me and this ongoing quarrel between the (agitator) ringleader and the nest of all nest, the House with powerful intellects that were elected to represent the nation, proves only to be asemic words and gestures. It’s a mirror into my world, a world where I grow more hermetic and insular.I dream of summer breezes, summer changes your perspective, a kind of spiritual calamity that quiets your whole being. In the fading year, the time to reflect in the sunlight of opportunity, I stagger along and bade her to stay longer, to rewrite the story. She drifts away and catches me short. There have been impactful conditions my friends; I don’t think I will fully recover. But the morning sun does come around and now it’s time to get on with the toils of the day. What makes life worth living is fleeting, drifting along or apart, drifting away or back, drifting into or out, drifting with the tide or drifting off to sleep. We don’t always have control, but sometimes we can wake up to a new start, whenever it arrives. I have here for you the ultimate love and redemption story in this dish. It feeds my soul, something about the love affair of raspberries and chocolate I can’t resist. Happy drifting!

Chia Seed Pudding:

¾ cup milk

¼ cup full-fat canned coconut milk, or yogurt if preferred

2 tea bags, I prefer an aged Earl Grey

½ tablespoon coconut palm nectar, date nectar or maple syrup

¼ cup chia seeds


1 cup berries of your choice

½ juiced lemon

* I prefer to mash frozen raspberries with a mortar, it’s easier when frozen


Seep tea bags into warmed milk for 4-5 minutes. Remove tea bags and pour milk into a container. I use a glass jar. Mix in coconut milk, sweetener of choice and chia. Stir well and let chia seeds soak for at least a few hours. This will keep for a few days in refrigerator. When ready for your indulgence, mash the frozen berries in a bowl with a mortar and add a splash of juiced lemon. Melt your favorite chocolate bar on low heat in saucepan and pour it over mashed berries. Swirl in your chia pudding, grate some chocolate and sprinkle the shavings for additional redemption points.

16 thoughts on “Drifting

  1. In dark winter days, in cold cement surroundings, food can be such a powerful lifter. Especially those that remind us of happier, sunnier times. Enjoy your colorful snack!

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  2. That looks delicious! You’ve captured a mood well. I suspect the winter comes along to force us to reflect, drift, reconnect, reconsider, re-anchor. And yes, to dream of warmer climes and make and eat yummy stuff too. My best to you and all in the nest.

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    • Thank you for your kind words and well wishes..Yes seasons and circumstances can take a toll on the soul and heart. Thankfully a bowl full of yumminess can distract from the unpleasantness and make the taste buds happy.

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  3. I can easily imagine how the dark and dreary days of winter add to the feeling of hopelessness that seems to permeate those of us who feel the weight of the ugliness emanating from our nation’s capitol. I so often feel overwhelmed with either anger or sorrow, sometimes both at the same time, but in a warmer and friendlier climate I can get out and walk it off. I hope that spring doesn’t waste a moment in arriving to bring you some cheer, Cristina, and let me just say that your chia pudding would turn any day around, I think! I can’t wait to make your version. Hugs, WARM ones indeed, to you and yours, my friend. So good to hear from you!

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    • Yes the winter’s cold and heavy hand and the ongoing circus doesn’t give me much hope from my own life challenges that feel like I have been avalanched. Enjoy your walks with the rays that warm you Debra. Hope the pudding doesn’t disappoint, I add extra chocolate for extra indulgence. Thank you for your support and cheers to working together in the next few weeks.


  4. Sounds like the winter blues and a few other things weighing on you…

    The only words of encouragement I can offer are that I have found that there are no “happy” families in the way Hallmark sells the dream. That is a fallacy. Life is tough for everyone. It is filled with ongoing and daily challenges and sometimes great calamities.

    All we can do is enjoy the good times, manage the bad as best we can, and most importantly remind yourself everyday that you have friends who will be there for you no matter what.

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