We Got This

This isn’t anecdotal; something is happening here. Candidates are a mere distraction. Many of us don’t want to look. Don’t stick around too long, recognize where you are and look for the best outcome for humanity. We got this. Shift fear and anger into love and laughter, shift aggression and violence into peace and serenity. How do we do this? Hang out with a child. I haven’t met a child without doubt, that is until someone tells them they can’t. This one makes her rounds with her flubbed scooter; there isn’t a corner she won’t whirl around. Tomorrow we may crunch a few crinkling leaves or join some friends at a park. Whatever we decide, we will be poised and ready for duty.

4 thoughts on “We Got This

    • I’ve tried the other ways, they are never fulfilling. I’m taking baby bear’s route, being genuinely true to yourself and always in the present. It’s infectious, so maybe eventually her energy will transcend around the globe. Yes, thankfully we have unusually warmer weather and we are not going to take it for granted.Keep your spirits high my friend.

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      • Yes! I think that is why I am so mesmerized by toddler years and I get sad when I hear parents tell them to do something that at the developmental stage doesn’t make sense. I hope you are enjoying days with the special little girls in your life and learning from them as they are with you. Keep smiling, keep shinning!


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