We Will Rise

I’m always surprised come election time when many of us believe a savior will restore our faith and rehabilitate or elevate our systemic unwholesome system. if we desire leaders of substance we must change the culture from which they have grown. the current controlled narrative will parade on unaccountably when it pleases. soon others will emerge. it ends when we says so. I’ve had time to reflect this year. It’s permitted me to harken way back and ask critical questions. I am ultimately responsible for what I do and my actions or inactions. Outcomes are irrelevant. What continues to blow my mind is that the majority still thinks this is all about a virus. What if we thought we are born with obligations to serve past, present and future generations and the planet herself. The planet for the most part can regenerate even with the atrocities we incite upon her, how much more suppression of our spirituality and our humanity do we have to endure before we realize it’s too late for us? I feel such a sense of calmness knowing I resign myself to four years of paying homage to myself and my children no matter what my compatriots or unwavering forces determine. No matter where you stand, I will still hold love in my heart for you.

4 thoughts on “We Will Rise

  1. Yup, I’m ready to evolve and watch our children and humanity get what we deserve. Yes, the doors made a statement, it was a perfect spot for a water break…and that flag standing proudly in the backdrop. Long live an enlightened humanity.


  2. So well said, Cristina! Thank you. I took a very long walk today just to move away from all the “noise” and enjoy the beautiufl fall outdoors. I did a little talking to myself, and came home with a more peaceful resolve not to despair, but to shift my focus. I’m so glad you shared today.

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  3. It’s great to hear Debra that you are taking care of yourself, you are the best person to know how. Nothing better than recharging in the great outdoors. I bet you are still fortunate enough to be barefoot and feel the comfort of the earth under your toes still. Thank you for taking a moment to stop by here for a chat. Keep up your good vibes.


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