without seeds requires a bit of time and space, but not a lot of surveillance. There are clippings rooting throughout my nest all of which are capable with only some water, sometimes not even that much effort if you’re propagating succulents. Yesterday for example while we were out and about all day and most of the evening, my snippings carried on. As humans we do the same. Under challenges, we find strength. I think the youngest among us do this naturally. I see it in baby bear throughout the day. Her vibration is always uplifting; it’s why I know and see things many ignore and scorn. I’m not judging, I did the same, even when I knew things didn’t feel right, I went along and kept my thoughts suppressed. Her tiny but mighty sovereign being is why I keep asking questions. I plan on honoring her sovereignty and ours forever. It’s there for us to see if we grant it. Yesterday, while everyone around me had their eyes on the ball during a soccer tournament, I saw two friends on the sidelines, waiting for their siblings to finish and making the best of life. They were rolling around in the grass and tussling about with their football embracing and laughing…their smiles lit the world, yet I’m not sure anyone took heed. I did and I harnessed it. For arguably more manifestations like these are in dire need to create a new paradigm. Take time to smile and remember the innocence of childhood, discharge the anger and fear to learn from a pint-sized child surging with and laughter and joy.

9 thoughts on “Propagating

  1. You’re stating what at one time I would have thought more natural, the obvious, but it’s been harder and more difficult to remember that we have control on what energy we tap into. Thank you, Cristina.

    And my nest is full of clippings right now, too. I have been largely “homebound” since March, and one thing that has kept my spirits high has been my garden. Clippings, cuttings and dividing mature plants has been wonderful. Blessings!

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    • Also, I wanted to add someone who has a beautiful view of what it means to be on this Earth is If you get a chance to hear him in interviews, he will blow your mind. I listen to others like him every night to be certain I fall asleep with positive thinking, it’s become quite rare these days. Courage!


  2. Oh it’s so great to hear from you dear Debra! Yes, we have fallen off the path for sometime now, I hope instead of fear paralyzing us we use our time wisely these days to see what we are truly capable of. Who better to show us the way than children who see beauty always. I’m happy to hear your clippings are keeping your spirits high; it’s the best medicine for us. Wishing you lots of beauty and laughter always!


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