Affinity for Light

We plucked these off the stems just before the first snowfall, however, I’m regretting it with this latest blast of summer that came out of nowhere, thankfully nonetheless. What to do with these verdant fruits? It’s not a bad conundrum to be faced with, certainly more desirable than the one we all face globally. Turns out I made baby bear’s Monday, at least that’s what I gathered from her comment, “you must be the master of meatballs,” as she asked for more despite her already full stomach from her prior meal. I hope to make your Monday as well. Maybe I won’t, but this certainly lifted my spirits this morning especially after a weekend of us fighting about dumb or dumber and which one is righteously going to save us, meanwhile our rights are being stripped away secretly in zoom meetings sometimes without any opposition invited to join. For all my NY people, I know it’s been a rough ride, but now it seems like passing on the animal trials, you have been selected to be the guinea pigs for the C0VID Va$$ine, not by doctors but by the State Bar. Yes the New York State Bar Association now has sovereignty over us as of Saturday it passed a resolution urging the state to consider making it mandatory for all New Yorkers to undergo C0VID-19 va$$ination when a va$$ine becomes available, even if people object to it for “religious, philosophical or personal reasons.” Previously, parents have lost their right to parent also in a sneaky manner that not only made it possible to secretly va$$inate minors in school without parent consent but for the insurance company to be able to hide it from parents as well. How are we at this juncture? No matter what your stance is on the current issue, I have found Dr. David Martin to be inspirational during this time. I am happy to have met him and present you with his latest interview with Dr. Sherry Tenpenny. Not everything may resonate with you, but don’t miss out on the end. His affinity for the light on what it means to be alive and how he adores his family, well I just thought, wow, don’t we all deserve this zeal in our nest. in a new tab)

3 thoughts on “Affinity for Light

  1. Mandatory or I will be first in line for the vaccine. It is really important for the healthy population to test it before we give it to the old, immune compromised and children.
    No matter the risk (and it is virtually zero) it is our moral duty to protect those who are vulnerable. I will do it with pride.


    • You may want to check out what Holocaust survivor Vera Sharav says in a two part interview with Stand for Health Freedom. A human rights champion and an expert in biomedical research ethics. She shares her personal story and offers rare and valuable insight into the public health arena and the governments’ response to the current global situation. She also draws parallelsto what happened in Nazi Germany with the current situation.


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