Bad to the Bone

Not really, he only plays tough with his sister. He’s undeniably soft and bolts back into the house to the plonk of a tumbled acorn. But take it from him and saunter on out there and breathe some fresh air. Whether you’re in a dream spell or wide awake by now, it’s not easy to navigate through the chaos. Time spent in nature does wonders to clear the mind and reconnect the spirit. We cut out that link some time ago. It’s a discovery waiting to happen. It’s time to restore it if we want to move forward.

4 thoughts on “Bad to the Bone

    • Happy to hear that you are finding solace on your plot of land Debra. Nothing like getting your hands in some soil. Have you seen The Need to Grow? It’s so inspiring; it also had me digging deeper and asking a lot of questions. Zach Bush MD talks about regenerative soil and how quickly carbon emissions are reduced by practicing regenerative land management. He makes the argument of diversifying the micro biome of not only the soil, but our microbiome and turning around the health of not only the planet but people. It’s inspiring and hopeful. I’m working on both the microbiome in our soil here on our plot of land, but also all my littler bear’s micro biome. Happy diversify and digging!


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