The Shift

Baby bear’s organic sculpture projects continue to evolve. Depending on the timing of day i.e. if her tummy is full and content and her mood swimming in good vibes, (which in her case is most of the day) her masterpieces have a varying degree of intensity. She has the insight to transform her mediums from one-dimensional into vibrant three-dimensional models at times. We are enchanted with her work that merited a brilliant display. I’m starting to think and see like baby bear. More and more I started to take heed of the accreting depth that I sometimes glimpse in this matrix that we play in. It’s certainly a thrilling time to be alive when I tune into an amped-up multi-dimensional consciousness. For those who like to walk or simply stand and stare, to wonder about the Earth and the life it bears, to speculate about the consequences of our own presence here, you’ll know what it’s like. It’s an alternative to that pessimistic view which sees nature as a primitive force to be subdued and conquered and which has locked in place a controlling and unjust reality, that exploits sentient life. It’s challenging to align ourselves into higher states of consciousness when there is a long uninterrupted tradition of singing falsettos that prophesize gloom and sickness. It’s fascinating to a few of us, that the thing that brings humanity to its knees is fear, in our current situation, a virus. A misplaced fear…possibly the most misplaced one that has ever existed. I am skeptical of public servants who preach about a dark winter and wonder what are they trying to attain from such prophecies? One to hinder our evolution perhaps.

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