Peace Out Rainbow Trout

Perched on a tree, small acts of peace seem effortless. Heck, anything we do in communion with nature seems that way. Sneak a peek into a different perspective if what you see now seems off balance. Resist the gravitational pull into the storm of chaos before you lose your center. If you draw yourself into the eye of the storm, you are unsound to yourself and inutile to anyone else. Find small acts of peace in yourself; it’s the ultimate balancing act of the year. It’s mid-November, an undeniably epochal climate. A growing cycle just as much as a dormant one; a delicate balance Mother Nature always manages so gracefully. Get reconnected to everything and everyone. If we can remember to experience this and make it our daily adjuration the density that lies heavy on this plane will have less of a grip on us. We’ve got trees on our mind and are going to take some advice from an older and wiser sentient being in a familiar park while the climate is still subtle. We’ll be hunting for trees all weekend to climb and cling to like our beloved sloth friends.

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