Coming Together

Here’s a little seasonal reminder to tilt your head up to the evening sky tonight. Not only has the solstice after six months in the making from the last one, arrived, but trailing the winter sun is the Grand Conjunction ushering in a new paradigm and energy like we have never experienced before. Soul mates, Saturn and Jupiter haven’t aligned this closely since 1623. It’s a fascinating time, one we all signed up for, but hardly recall at the moment. It’s a time to surrender, shift and remember the power of our thoughts and what powerful seeds and signals of creation they can become. Rather than manifesting goals, focus on a state of complete alignment, from there our goals will come innately. Not an easy feat, a work in progress, but with practice a little surrender, self-love and some authentic truth will propel you on our way.

2 thoughts on “Coming Together

  1. You are most welcomed. Thank you for being here and for your support. Yes, play they do. Cheers to us also lovingly playing along with such beauty and grace. May we all find our poise in these energetically charged days and grow to be who we were meant to be.


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