Uniformed and Equipped

to march into the holidays. While downloading and saving these photos, I was mystified by Baby Bear’s expression and gate and how it resembled Girl with Pigtails. It is said we find influences and copy them. Since the cold front, we have spent our mornings indoors in this nook. Without hesitation, we emulate from people around us and our surroundings, especially a young mind. I have been fortunate to salute these art pieces with residually grateful fleeting glimpses in between deep breaths, yoga stretches, and impromptu inventive games created by yours truly, Baby Bear. While ignited with a snapshot moment of our spot, she mastered her role of Amedeo Clemente Modigliani’s long-necked girl in her photo bombings. Just like Modigliani’s rakish stylization and succulent choice of colors that is easy to enjoy, I believe my innocent and well-intentioned spontaneous subject is certainly content about her choices this morning at this juncture. There is something insistent about Baby Bear and all the subjects on my walls, as if they want you to know about what it is they are feeling. I chose not to leave pigtail girl alone and convoy her with a pair of women drafted from the dexterous hands of Maribel. Sketching is a skill my friend is inherently good at, although don’t be fooled that’s not where her talent ends. I’ll post soon about her latest venture. Get out there and find influences and make them your own…take it from Baby Bear and unleash your infinite light. Now more than ever is the time to claim your power, nothing will overcome you if you stay true to who you are.

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