Still Strung Up Over Here

Not for long, I’ll get there at some point. We didn’t get around to our barefoot challenge until after dusk today. We are getting used to it by now, thankfully my toes warm up quickly in fuzzy boots afterwards. This little bear is shouting “so good to see you again,” I think she is referring to summer. She keeps asking if it’s approaching. I remind her when the green leaves pop up on these wrangling vines…let the dreaming begin. The extent of our power has been deeply buried in external tactics. As I strike the holiday décor, I’ll be thinking about what I have to offer in my creation toward the flourishing of all lives in boundless joy. I’m not waiting around for someone to grant me my power to do so. Join me in creating our own, let’s dream the world we want to live in. Place less energy on who to blame and instead ask what is the harm? What is left to heal? They say the happiest moments as an adult are doing things we dreamed about when we were young. No matter what they throw our way, don’t shake loose of your dream. Remember the compassion, curiosity, and openness we had to reflect on anything? Hold space for it.

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