We See You

As the house of cards collapses the acting exponentially worsens. It’s insulting, at least put on a good show if you are going to feature the gaggle of thespians time after time. It’s Sunday, time to clean up after the weekend party anyways. Time to reflect and envision as you are united with yourself when the guest wane one by one. Remember how powerful you are…no other nor anything outside yourself can bring stillness. I was going to strike all the holiday décor this afternoon, but you must drop everything to enjoy the sun for two consecutive days. It looks as if I’ll have time these upcoming days with what is being forecasted. In the meantime, we played winsomely with more sticks. Today there were others interested in steady tapping the ice on the pond with us. One of those things, like cracking an enigma and witnessing dissection of a colossal system before our eyes. Maybe tomorrow others will awaken and gather around with us. Get in.    

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