I Know That I Know Nothing

For those of you genuinely paying attention to the times in which we live and have even an inkling of what’s going on, you know what is at stake here. For those who are in the dream spell, know we are fighting for you. And if you do wake, know that we all went through it and we are here for you. It isn’t pretty and it’s certainly isn’t easy for any of us but know that it’s the journey that will get us there. The voices through the megaphone amplified around the world continue with their seditious commentary and remarkably all harmonize as if were scripted. What’s gearing up now is merely a distraction and a way for the cavalry to turn on each other in the panic. Things are not what they seem. Two options have been presented: blind growth, or life as it were meant for us to truly be. Remember if you feel triggered look within; it’s the key for our evolution. Welcome back Republic, it will certainly be great to get acquainted with you just before the Spring. In the meantime, create what you dream and dream infinitely.

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