There is No Home Like You

We so often forget the power in our energy we carry within. We are the path, we are the healer…why not keep things pared down? Forgive, forget, let go all things that do not hold deep and devoted love. We came here to repair not despair. Abandon how we used to think. This is a new era. There will be new dimensions to traverse…keep it light. Celebrate your body that houses your soul with stillness, beauty and abundance. It’s going to take a lot of conscious effort and a whole lot of self-compassion. Look for it everyday in the wild; let her beauty encourage and inspire you. We are the souls our ancestors have been waiting for to overcome pain and to discover the path that leads us back home to ourselves. 2020 was only a warm-up for what’s to come. Trust yourself. Together, we lead to the new.

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