“By The Power of Grayskull

I have the Power.” –He-Man. Something about watching this cartoon left me with the same exhilaration after beholding the immensely involving movie “Rocky” in the theater…running up the exit aisle, my hands up like a goal post… I was invincible. If a humble person or a guy from the back streets of Philly can be so magnetic and powerful, why not me? My heart raced and I am certain everyone could see the light beaming from my halo of awakening. This kitty has this sentiment, however, with more of a funny-you-should-ask look to her…it’s a cat thing. He-Man is the archetypal, alpha male that taps into his higher self which is omnipresent and intangible only to be invoked when called forth by vocalizing the intention to proclaim it. Only those who are awake will see it day-to-day. Inside the Castle Grayskull, the power of consciousness or spirit lies, as within our skull is the vessel that holds the pineal gland and if decalcified activates the higher self and achieving cosmic consciousness—it’s what makes one the master of the universe inside of you. The mighty He-Man with his allies defend the mysterious Grayskull from the evil forces of Skeletor who represents the opposite of the light, the will, the soul. Defending the secrets of the castle from darkness, death and fear is the premise of every episode. Losing to fear means losing all of the power. Read that again. The greatest story ever told has been told to us in many ways, on many screens, yet as a collective we fail to reflect on such woo woo messages. The influential, Carl Jung once said, “until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” And yet now with current false gods adumbrating a dark, dark winter and other alternative fears that are equally infelicitous, we do not take to battle to protect our castle. We are in the midst of a biblical transition and I feel like He-Man thrusting the sword above my head declaring the magic spell, by the power of Grayskull I have the power, just to go to the supermarket. I am the only one scuttling up and down the aisles not looking like a bandit and wondering where all the alpha males are at.

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