The Face Off

The imagination of these waggish chums after eleven months of social conditioning does provide a sweet pastime. It beats the functionary of mindless time and motion we grew accustomed to in our previous lifestyle. Despite my continual requests to not feed the quadrupeds from our plates, my little ones continue with their pixieish ways. I have to give it to the cat; he has proven to have quite the will power. His confidence in his stillness is admirable. Cats are gracefully fierce, grounded, always in the present and ambling about without a care in the world. Spending more time in the indulgent palettes of our nest has attested that the unhealthy and unnatural decrees are beginning to backfire to those who maliciously implemented them, as long as you figured out the game and not become a willing player. This is the opportunity to be like a feline. Take time to go inwards, initiate space to be exponentially creative and forget about the preprogramming show out there. Turn off all the white noise and settle in. Eventually this little bear left her post and the cat took hold of the moment and expressed himself. We can learn a great deal from felines. Lean into the shift, find the peace in the stillness knowing when to pounce, knowing there is purpose in waiting.

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