The Upside-Down Show

For those who wish to grasp what’s going on from the dawn of time to present, it’s easier to discover while on your head as things have been topsy-turvy for some time and we are misled to believe it as reality. It’s been quite the performance and I have opted out of it recently…it will make you bonkers. Despite the upside-down paradigm, we are vesting in our experience here on the hill. I have always revered inversions and this little apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Surprisingly, the grade doesn’t make it more challenging but even more empowering. I get a good chuckle with all these extraordinary efforts and capacity to denigrate anything and everything these days…it’s the whole point of being alive right now. In these parts, winter simplifies things. Our existence isn’t elemental but essential and they know it. It’s no wonder why empowering our experience had been kept under wraps. We are living souls…we bid you adieu corporation.

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