The Best Gift In The World

I am a gift, not a given.You are a gift, not a given.He/she is a gift, not a given We are gifts, not givens.You (pl) are gifts, not givens.They are gifts, not givens. A little grammar refresher along with some … Continue reading

The Gathering Spot

The Gathering Spot

We gather around this sweet spot, the leaves at the tip of turning as we soak up the mid-day sun. Welcoming the vibrations of light into our bodies, marinating its sweet notes through every cell and allowing the connection of … Continue reading

The Upside-Down Show

For those who wish to grasp what’s going on from the dawn of time to present, it’s easier to discover while on your head as things have been topsy-turvy for some time and we are misled to believe it as … Continue reading