The Gathering Spot

We gather around this sweet spot, the leaves at the tip of turning as we soak up the mid-day sun. Welcoming the vibrations of light into our bodies, marinating its sweet notes through every cell and allowing the connection of hyper intelligence to lead us into dance. It’s predictable, the progression of colors, the rate they detach and drift until they mound across the grounds making them fertile and fruitful. There is something formative about this, its predictability. As we notice and wonder the rifts of crimson and orange and golden tones to come within this vast intelligence we call the wild. The raw. The beautiful, another likelihood arises…life is short, the dance is inevitable. A kind of pride you decide to acquire without hubris but from connection, from grounding, sitting, observing, feasting, laughing and loving. It’s a humble yet empowering song indeed, this gathering spot where we feast together.

2 thoughts on “The Gathering Spot

    • Aww sucks thank you dear! Yes, cheers indeed to connection and thank you for your well wishes. I miss heading over to your space…you most certainly post about good stuff to consider and revel in…I need to catch up once I move through this shift! Be well!

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