Enduring Summer

This blazing star seems to be sparking up the inferno of this past summer with an equivalently infernal fall comprising of kicks and tricks with her fuchsia ball. Still working to finite her skills as occasionally the ball flies off course and in this case into my gut. This video shut off automatically as I took the fall entangled into the net with one balmy child cracking up on top of me…it was quite the spectacle. Her deliriously buoyant laughter resonating on my midriff, made it feel like summer season is now officially extended, at least for a few more late afternoons. My wish is for much longer, for I prefer the caress of the sun on exposed parts of my skin while my little athletes play amid white lines and green grounds with flora of vibrant green stems instead of a withery and wilty ones. It’s much more gratifying that way. Only good things in my enduring summer dream. All is well, even though I went down like the last standing bowling pin from the blow of a flying fuchsia ball.

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