On the Shoulders of a Giant

Some days, when the sun doesn’t wake to salute you, inversions are required. A few squares down you may have read why they are unavoidable in our routine and these photos were meant to be included, well I’ll add yet another square here to gab about them. With just about everything on the table these days, it’s comforting to rest my head on an insulated earth while toes stretch for the heavens. Only a few seconds of courage is vital to master this, then the question of the day becomes how can I absorb the abundance and prosperity emanating my way. What I see from down here is the whole sky and everything else are weather forecasters deterring me from reaching my paradise.

2 thoughts on “On the Shoulders of a Giant

    • Thank you, all impromptu as we took a break between the ride down and the hike up. Try one on your daily walks, would love to see Maggie on your heels as you brave this move–she would be an instant sensation.


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