Stalactites started melting today, whichever ones endured the prying hands that whacked off mostly the hefty ones that is. They were quite the sculptures, prevailing for a few weeks, not a good sign from an energy point of view. A whole lot of absconding heat, but from a crisp air vantage point, Red flowed with salubrious air. Still a lot of murkiness and not nearly warm enough to expose much skin, I paused for a moment to witness beautiful changes without resistance, drip by drip. Barely needing to do a thing, the icicles melted away gradually into the soppy dissolving snow absorbing its abundance. It’s a miraculous week, aim toward something beautiful by giving yourself into a part of something so much bigger. Opportunities occur when we let it all melt away. The past is a memory, the future doesn’t exist yet…we are creating it as we go. Breathe it in slowly, beautifully and awake from the dreamspell.

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