In Progress

What we have here is science in progress. There is often something in-the-making in our nest (mostly intentional), and this latest one has led to disappointment. This beauty was a gift and the other exclusively white ones we felt could use some pizzazz along the edges. Our choice in dyes didn’t exhibit what we had anticipated, blushing flower heads with selected beloved hues. We will try our luck with other ideas for brightening up the petals again, and again for as long as it takes. The beauty of science is it’s always up for debate and it’s never settled because we are always asking questions. One tentatively theorizes with a hypothesis, or an assumption or concession made for the sake of argument. Next, a curious mind sets out to put it to the test with experimentation until proven otherwise. It’s an ongoing process packed with questions, probing and scrutinizing every aspect of the belief along the way. It’s never a creed set in stone because as history has proven itself, something else comes along to debunk it and another thinking process rebirths. That is until now, when after centuries of the self-appointed ministries of truth infiltrate their religious undertones throughout every medium and frequencies available and proceed with fabrications by omission because with the assumptions hidden, no one can debunk the process. To posit that the one and only science that fits the narrative of false prophets brings us closer to faith is a sleight of hand that makes fools of us all. Faith has nothing… no thing to do with it!

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