We are no longer covered in snow, however, since it stuck around for some time, I had a few opportunities to capture various scenes. There’s a certain level of comfortability people endure around here to live so discomfortably. It never set in with me. Even Baby Bear is anticipating diving into some tepid waters sooner than later. It certainly doesn’t do any character-building for me, in fact it settled a deep dive of soul searching that is guiding me in another direction. I’m not choosing to live half-dead to get on by, frozen in fear of extremes or of invalid hesitations of bodily limitations. I know better. Any bodily ailments are signals to take a closer look, not to take insensible measures to masks symptoms. Individually and collectively, we have so much potential to unveil. Dig deep but climb out of the endurable discomfort now of which we are crawling our way out of the most existentially challenging time of our life. I choose to live copiously and create bountifully.

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