Among the not-so-lesser mortals,

this sweet child of mine is vibrant, and all the more singular dancing along with these longstanding oaks like gods that surround us in our woods. It’s here we play, where we activate and expand, where the magic unfolds. We don’t bother with the hypnotic force that tells us otherwise. We know better; we feel it. We’ll hang out here, while the revelation unfurls and allow yet another political, royal and spiritual leader prove their failure in their finite god-fearing selves. Trust yourself and don’t topple with them. What you want exists within you; don’t settle until you get it. Soon this plot of land will be blanketed by new life as spring peeks into the lingering winter and yield its grand rising as it does every year. May you saturate yourself with your own vitality to enjoy the virtues that your imagination fancies even as the world turns.

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