Depths of the Ocean

Around here winter dreams in baby blues and stretches of snow-white on rolling hills, in particular this year. I have a notable number of photos to show for it. I’ll spare you another one, at least in this square and highlight my treasured part of my nest—the shifting light in the cook’s room. It’s the time, late in the afternoon, when ideas of what to create manifest into plated nourishment. Moments when my winter bears growl the most. Today we have artichoke…viva l’ artichoke season. We used to snip them from our garden back in the days when the Pacific was oh so close to our nest…it sang us to sleep every night. Far from salty bodies of water here, but I have this hue in our galley, Approaching Storm, more on my thoughts of this hue, I prefer the name, Depths of the Ocean, at least that’s what my heart whispers to me when I see the shifting light in here.

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