At some point you must ask, how could something be so virulent in 2020 and continues to be currently, however, somehow yields similar calculations in fatalities in the previous year and even in the year before that one. Yet no one regarded a non-isolated something a big deal back then.

At some point you must wonder, why if you did indeed create a situation for yourself (because these certain somethings are originated within the host not caught and spread) that you have a 99% recovery rate so why is so much attention brought upon this? So why would an “authorized” (not approved) experimental gene therapy, an already flawed notion that is not so much discovered as repackage remain dear to the hearts of executives of pharmaceutical companies?

At some point you must ask, why is something being relentlessly promoted as “safe and effective?” If it really was then no pushing and certainly no coercion is necessary, the product would endorse itself.

At some point you must wonder, what happens when your body’s own cells are programmed to keep making the protein of an invader nonstop, yes read that again…forever and ever without a programmed date? What happens when your immune system is in perpetual overdrive, tricked into believing there’s a pathogen that never goes away?

At some point you must wonder, why no one has spawned these questions in the media and why isn’t a more diverse group of people adding a lot more to this conversation in the main stream media?

At some point you must wonder, is this the issue that should be in the spotlight or is it that the above companies with political connections wish for us to focus on, you know as a little distraction. Or perhaps some amusement as the squabbling intensifies amongst one another, you know an amuse-bouche for what’s to come?

A little discernment my friends and the truth will set you free.

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