The Event

I recently learned that these cup-shaped flowers cradle the stigmas from where the spice saffron is harvested…they are now on my to be divinized list and I will be cultivating them into the greenhouse for all year reaping. They have been inspirational this week as we witness them poking their way through the silvery leaves randomly across our plot of earth. They reveal themselves prematurely, an opportunity arisen from a shock and only with determination and in the purest thoughts they express their cheer oh-so-resolutely under the bathing light. They get it for sure; they are the dreamers of this dream. What is it about us that we white-knuckle clutch into the victimhood of another’s nightmare, not willing to let go, not willing to see what is beyond our limited nature, beyond our name and form? For cheer’s sake, give yourself the gift of liberation and detach from any condition fearlessly. Art thou feeling it?

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