What’s your movement saying? Are you moving with freedom, breathing unreservedly? We are contracting our being down to the focus of minutia instead of the realization of the twinkling moment. While I’m up pondering these challenges and discomforts within myself many o’ nights, my little energy force is the last one standing every nightfall. Last night on the vernal equinox, avoiding her nocturnal duty, she declares in a trice to respect the ancient and primal equinoctial point by demonstrating some stretching maneuvers. She didn’t permit me to dodge any details of her isometric choreography. I have to admit it wasn’t an out of sorts request. It was then followed with a light show, her body invited a bit more shifting, a bit more of an adjustment before rest. Her repertoire of practice changes other nights, sometimes she finds it essential to create with a few strokes of a paint brush. When I support her will and allow her to create a relationship with her sensation, her disposition is brilliant. When deprived, it’s misaligned and needless to say things go awry with her nervous system and she most certainly lets us know. As we grow older and not so wiser, we go against our heart’s desire…it’s no wonder why we are in this state. As we warp speed into a stream of ease, comfort and devices to measure our biometrics, we grow farther from depending on our internal truth recognition device…for some of us it may be lost forever. We are losing our connection to our body and can no longer be in the present of the twinkling instant and to the potential of knowing of our body. Lately, I have been keeping in tune with the pace of my life by feeling the descending earth through my soles while reaching up my spirit, lifting my ideas, my visions…creating a relationship between these two forces is not only what makes us human, it makes all living creatures who they are. What is your body telling you?

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