We Were Born To Stand Out,

and not fit in. A little special someone has been insisting on sowing a few seeds, after witnessing crocuses and tulips erupting from our grounds. I surrendered to her will the other day, pourquoi non? We have been off in the past years in anticipating the last frost to nudge our petite and precious seeds into creating our midnight garden mix and prayed to lead us not into temptation only to be disappointed with flowerless vines before the fall. Even though more snow is on its way, we instead will lead with temptation this year to sprinkle some cheerfulness in the soil. Girlfriend has been right on with her conjectures with requests in the past. I know our endeavor with Moon Flowers, Candytufts, Four O’Clocks, Purity Cosmos, Sweet Mignonette, Bishop’s Flowers, Evening Scented Stocks, and Sensation Mixed Nicotiana will infuse our night space with intoxicating aromas, much more potent that those of day-bloomers. It’s an adaptation mechanism to stand out in the veiled landscaped of the darkened sky and a bonus for us as we lay to rest with windows ajar and perfumed rooms in the heart of July. If only we could activate our device from within to be as notable. Sending you luminous vibes little seeds and my fellow star seeds. We’re rooting for you!

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