Fractioning of Nature

I have my ongoing contentions in my nest. My front-row audience has not grasped the detrimental impacts of the many fictional conventions that have been instigated upon us as if we are fallible and should be grateful for the Babylonian business design, we call governance. That we are to somehow believe we are feeble, inane and in desperate need of redesigning. It’s a vulgar mentality, yet it prevails without the majority to query. The opportunity to get back to our rhythm for over a year now will certainly make some of us or break a majority of us. Now is the perfect little moment to reconnect. We were bestowed with the perfect spring day not once but two days in a row, and what a gift it was to find a space with trees and grass under our bare feet with rackets in hand to lob a ball about and laugh a whole lot. The quiet time swinging in a park that rests on an eminence with a commanding view of the city said it all. This little fairytale of mine is on the verge of extinction as technocrats identify as essential to achieving technological pre-eminence within the next generation. Our children are the first generation to have grown up with phones, laptops, video games and other microwave wireless radiation devices clutched to their bodies throughout the day and now fifth generation wireless is worryingly endorsed. 5G is going to require a transmitter for every three to ten houses…we are talking about a small cell tower placed in front of your home where your kiddos play and where you sleep, where you do it all. This shouldn’t be elusive folks? For more on the alarming reality and consequences of technology addiction check out

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