Peace Out Rainbow Trout

Went searching for fish today. In the creek, someone’s favorite place to spatter her self-manicured feet in. No accoutrements necessary, she prefers a primordial method of clenching and trapping with her fists. Don’t worry no fish will ever be harmed, the sun is eclipsed as she hovers over them and they disperse promptly from her reach. It was a welcoming afternoon after we topped off the week with three track meets, two soccer games, a dance class, a tennis and a piano lesson. Back in 2014, I wrote about my estimated calculation of about five hundred more Saturdays until my oldest would be qualified to drive himself to his games. As we approach those days, I have not only reset my counter back to five hundred more Saturdays, as now baby bear has officially initiated her activity schedule, but now Sunday is fair game. Back at it tomorrow, but thoroughly enjoyed this leisure Monday afternoon.

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