Hubris and Greed, Oh My

So much on the breaking news front this week—a scheme of unimaginable boldness and foolhardiness requiring grand bravura risking enormous hubris among other peril. Maybe just maybe a mind or two will expand with all this extreme in-your-face hoopla. It smells like the destruction of confidence in the “thing” aka science or more like the belief system to me, especially when dishing it out via a drive thru like grabbing some grub or fueling up at the station. I, on the other hand, don’t consent to a life of intimidation but endorse instead in the gold of meditation. Why not get your bare feet on the soil and nurture your inner and personal energy? Kinda like what the foursome of Red Hot Chili Peppers address with a catchy guitar riff and the cryptic lyrics in “Can’t Stop.”

“…Kick start the golden generator
Sweet talk but don’t intimidate her
Can’t stop the gods from engineering
Feel no need for any interfering

Your image in the dictionary
This life is more than ordinary
Can I get two, maybe even three of these
Comin’ from space to teach you of the Pleiades

Can’t stop the spirits when they need you
This life is more than just a read-through.”

–Chad Smith, Anthony Kiedis, John Frusciante & Flea

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