A Stroll From Home

Suddenly out of nowhere, flurries came down in the early hours of the day and sputtered through a stretch of sunshine by the end of the day. Thankfully none of it stuck, but it did turn us into lightweights. A stroll from home required layers and caps; the park wasn’t even in our thoughts today. Instead, we baked cupcakes, washed them down with hot cocao and partook in a little painting project. Later that day, bursts of bike racing, many strokes to the cats and the brewing of tea. We generated some heat walking up these steps. This impression of Red is no less impressive than any other angle of her. She asserts her geometric and minimalist character. She is understated yet extolled. A true utilitarian and au naturale beauty with a view to marvel. https://thefolia.com/2017/04/09/red/ Red is a wonder especially on days like today.

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