Nothing More Annoying then Begging

I can accept that some have found all the answers and are beyond content that they must show the world, sometimes with donut in the cavity that routinely shouts shameful and gaslighting revelations about life choices despite not being offered informed consent. But you see, they are not my life choices and I won’t stand for it just like that innocent and probably well meaning Jehova witness that pops up at my front door. I’ll graciously close the door because I can’t listen to that right now, not ever with that hijacked mind that knows no discernment. Here’s my revelation and I am not asserting it on anyone, but it seems to work for me. Get out into nature…be at the edge and expand yourself from what you THOUGHT you knew and really, really allow yourself to hear what you feel versus what you are commanded to do. Nor do I need a gaggle of script readers, who at a point in time served a brief stint as correspondents before they were funded by the liability-cleared manufacturers of the products they are pushing to assume they may want me to know more than I actually care to because of all the people to elicit their binding response to something that has a 99% survival rate or can be prevented or managed by boiling a few peels of lemons and grapefruits, well I guess we have a different mental attitude. The last thing I need to hear from is Dr. Faulty displaying his devil’s lion claw gestures before his spew of blasphemies like we are some forsaken and diseased creatures that are in dire need of his questionable authority and lest not us forget of the biggest hijack of all, you know the one, for the highest good…you remember the last time we heard that and how that story ended. No one else has the authority over you period. Explanation point rather! Make that a double!! Especially when the insentient being is so persistent in helping you and has a penitent tract record. I rather run into the arms of Mother Gaia. Choice is the most powerful tool we have and at any instant we can change the direction of our lives by a simple choice. It’s all in our hands, our hearts and our minds. I don’t think it’s wholesome health to inject an experimental technology into my body and then reward myself with an addictive substance. Be wary of beggars.

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