Karmic Debt

When you impose expectation and limiting beliefs on someone, especially a child whose mind is so malleable, it most likely will uproot him off his life path. When a child dreams of being a concert pianist but his father says but you won’t make any money doing that. So, child abides and takes a detour, lands in an atmosphere that doesn’t align with his spirit and yet nonetheless heaves all his energies into being the worthiest in order to become the most lucrative. Day after day, slogging along for veneration from all his supervisors, colleagues and subordinates when all along he yearns to pour out his heart with every pulse traveling through his nimble fingers on those ebony and ivory keys. His divine gift and passion to support it is lost deep inside buried under the layers of woe, anger and oppression and may even cause illness because he landed on earth to be a classical musician. As an adult, not living the life his soul ached for, he’s never plunged deeply into bliss, or experienced what he is preordained to so learning the lessons are not so inevitable. Be wary of imposing your limiting beliefs on others, for if you take them off their righteous path, you’ll incur a karmic debt your soul will want to repay sooner rather than later. My role as a mother is to encourage and aid the little warble in my children’s heart to burst out into song. I will do this until the end of my days so long as whatever they choose to create in their life’s purpose is not imposing harm onto themselves or others. My youngest one could very well be on her way to evolving into an extreme sports pro. This two-wheeling lover won’t leave home without her bicycle. It replaced her scooter a couple years back and before that, the stroller and before that, my arms, before that my womb. On that note, Happy Mama’s Day, I’m not going to deny biology by calling it something else and I especially am not going to give up my womanhood, nor allow for my DNA to be modified, mind your karmic debt please Mr. Global.

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