A Cause Célèbre

These days our windows look as if someone flicked her wrist with a few broad strokes of a chartreuse-tipped paint brush. It’s a heavily wooded view masterly leafing out right about now as the soft pastels of spring emerge overhead. Heads up, it won’t last long. There she blows again, nature finds her way to work her magic and invites us to exalt with her vibrancy. Within just a few weeks the leaves fill in considerably so that the density is enough to block intense direct summer heat and just like that an inimitable cooling system is achieved. What an ecologically sound system along with guaranteed abundance year after year. As goes the new growth outdoors; the ones indoors take a back seat. The indoor plant life that thrived with the intense more direct rays of the winter penetrating through unadorned slender bifurcates now lean their stems toward the window. It takes initiative and devotion for the indoor flora to thrive especially when the emerald new growth pop in. The light edges along the perimeter of the room bathing approximately everything in its reach with its heavenly touch. I think I’ll take it easy this weekend with a few drops of essential oil and plenty of prayers for the mindset of the frightened ones and especially for the mindset of the outspoken fearmongering heralds. Let’s take it from nature and move this in a direction of profusion sooner rather than later because like the timid woodland blooms of early spring, we will lose what makes us stand out and we will never salvage our luminous magic. Come on folks, why else would the low-spirited hierophants be so frantic to bestialize our divine strands if we weren’t so eye catching.

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