Things You Can’t Un-know

Things You Can’t Un-know

While I tend to acquire the smell of the Aegean right about now…I’m not getting a whiff of it these days. Instead, I’m materializing an elongated S-shaped basin of an Ocean because from what I know now it’s not only pulling on my heart strings, its sonic serenades are resonating deep into my cells nowadays. As our timeline nears, folk in the region there recognize and are attracting the emotional energy long overdue to oust the megalomaniacs we are awakening to in this not-so-lovely tale that’s been reigning for way too long of a cycle. And so leaping into my consciousness now are extraordinary folks creating extraordinary experiences for the sake of our children in these adverse times. I can’t help to think, is it the influence of the caerulean waters for this conscious-led cluster? I always felt secure in salty waters and always feel the urge to dash into its vastness and yet I have been burning the midnight oil trying to atone for the lapsed times from local organizations from a faraway State. It’s seems a lost cause over here, but there blimey it’s electrifying. What is it about these luminaires in the sunshine state? I bet they can’t un-know what they now know. It’s time to face the storm. If you have been doing the work with the time allotted you have enough light inside to own the shadow and enough shadow inside to own the light.

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