Edge of Wonder

Immovable and lost inside rich caramel swirled with glints of gold. It’s how it feels to me, this awareness of reality as was once known and thought to be understood. A faraway dream to stir an untold desire, a flame that yearns to burn true, yet the grief won’t do. Then again deep into the heart momentarily, a surge of tears erupts as things fall away and new ones begin. In the space of the unknown, the glints melt into caramel and things look good enough to eat. How will you enter the unknown space, with a paralyzing fear or with boundless love? I’m captivated by the latter and working on it, moment to moment, deep breaths while releasing the timeworn pain. I may look soft, but it doesn’t mean I’m not a force. Honey and wildfire are both the color of gold. Borrowed words in last line from Victoria Erickson (Author, Edge of Wonder)

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