Moves offer an opportunity for a fresh start and who can deny a fresh start, a cleansing of the soul to empower you for your new adventure? Apparently, my life requires frequent fresh starts. However, to reduce my carbon footprint, I am undertaking a genuine effort for that move-that-ends-all-moves. I have mastered the experience of moving so many times I don’t even have to think twice about purging and organizing. Whether you’re planning a move or simply want a tidy hangout to call your own, I can guide you to a path that will clear your clutter for a freer space and mind. While I continue to use this gift to help others, in this critical time my heart is drawn to a greater creative purpose…I am only aligning myself to create a more luminous direction to our new purposeful living. I look forward to working together to re-igniting our spark while on board this great mission.

This was the intro I used in the travel guides, a directory within the Freedom Travel Alliance tribe…no TSA, no restrictions ever…you call the shots…http://freedomairwayalliance.com/ check them out and join us as a new member. Can’t wait to fly with you!

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