A Time Capsule for My Not-So-Far-Into-The-Future Me

Dearest Wanderer,

A new time is here. The time to rise and restore the balance on this planet from a deeply beautiful place from within my heart. It’s an ancient wisdom that by design has been concealed for far too long through premonitions, devastations, manipulations and perplexities. It’s time to take notice. Heartmath enthusiasts foretell that the next major step in the evolution of human species will require to embrace the expansion of a higher degree of emotional management than I have ever experienced. A gentle devotion of heart intelligence will be the root of my power for profound personal and collective change. By unlocking my heart’s natural intuitive guidance and better managing stressful emotions I’ll not only gain an increase resilience but appreciate that “only from the heart can you touch the sky – Rumi. I’m diving within myself, awakening the deserter and transforming her into a wanderer…we all have it in us. We all have the same power of courage. You may want to avoid the battle, but the battle will not avoid you. Who knows how severe the scourge we may be facing? Thanks for cracking the whip on us dearest antihuman forces because under pressure and constrictions some of us are starting to remember.

Much abundance,


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