It’s Them or Us

Misinformation. Let’s chat about it. We don’t need science to listen to our hearts, people have been managing it for ages. You know another thing people have been doing for ages? Gathering around to discuss without judgment or without government or lab rats transmitting to us or script readers broadcasting to us what’s for our own good. How ‘bout what I choose is what’s for my own good or for the good of my family. Sometimes referred to as disinformation but never false information, why don’t the repugnant players want to disperse information for all ears to hear if not false? I am capable of making my own decisions with whatever information I hear or read, thank you very much. Why silence or limit information if what is being endorsed is so effective? Why isn’t anybody liable for their decidedly touted potions because they are “all unavoidably unsafe”? Yep, you read that right, you are on your own with the inevitable and plentiful adverse reactions. Why does every three-letter agency, whose members are not elected, bestow upon itself the right to make unilateral decisions for the planet? It’s not just and they are so explicitly panicked that they are stepping up their browbeating and further trying to control additional ancillary measures now through what you can text, i.e. your free thoughts. Is it really for our safety? Sounds fishy to me. For those sitting comfortably on the fence content on complying with whatever guideline that they pull out of a hat (none of them pass through legislation, i.e. not laws) to ram down our throats next, don’t get too cozy. Our brethren 90 miles south of our southernmost peninsula are storming the streets waving our flag above their heads more proudly than most of us here in Merica. Take it from our Caribbean advocates, after generations of oppression, who are resisting now. Autocrats don’t stop unless someone takes a stand against their unmerited enterprise. Falling into the trap because you want things to be easy, will not be painless nor trouble-free in their end game. May God help us all with what is yet to come.

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