More and more individuals are growing inquisitive and confidently questioning the answers offered to us by those who think we are so special they are doing everything to maintain our verdure, you know since we are so far off kilter. Instead of fanatically answering the preemptive questions, I’m asking myself some esoteric ones that mysteriously remain hidden like who am I? My answers come from my heart and no one else’s: I am a generator of energy. I am powerful. I am self-source. Nothing but a kindling needed and a little inquiry. Consequently, when collective thinking strikes you like a tsunami, are you really thinking for yourself? Can you identify with the pansies prophesizing their creeds from behind their podiums and pulpits? Do you hold heartfelt familiarity or knowledge with their not-so-joyful-tidings? “True reality is not found through following anybody; it is not self-fulfillment. It comes into being only when the self is absent.” -Krishnamurti from Collective Works Vol. 4 If we continue to submit arbitrarily to all beliefs from our friends in high places piercing into our vanquished minds and shattered spirits with the gamely intent to rage on our neighbors who may perhaps think otherwise, then there lies the possibility of the spark of source extinguishing in many of us. “Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.” – George Orwell, Politics and the English language 1946. Quite frankly, I’m fatigued of Orwell’s quotes, however, it’s the last-gasp to see that safety and security is leading into trouble. No doubt the elements across the boards are corroding; the lurid judder is to see how gravely and for how long now. We can’t all be warning misinformation, we can’t all be conspiracy theorist, but apparently only those that engineer the truth can tell the truth. Please remember you are cherished, you are loved. Remember who you are and don’t snuff out that spark from within.

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