Path of Reclamation

While folks continue to hand themselves over to the in-vogue operation of self-destruction, girlfriend and I instead find time to play in the great outdoors. It’s a brilliant way to grow stronger while clearing the fogginess in the mind and favorably connecting with nature and oneself or simply being a kid. So long as the environmental elements are promising, we can hang out here until the mosquitoes ensue their invasion. It’s a space we end up in likelihood of eschewing the various influencers omnipresent all over media platforms that has peaked her interest. It’s such a vast vortex of information and yet a whole lot of nothingness. To think that you have the whole globe as your demographic and have nothing relevant to say…it’s daunting. And yet these empty idols are showered with perceived power it’s so heartbreaking on many levels. It’s like an always-faulty switch that folks be trying to tell you that it works impeccably as it should to distract you from what really matters—you, your inner voice and your inner initiative. But if you rewire that switch to the frequency of the au courant ideology with such foment to collapse the fundamental existence of humanity, it’s beyond delusional. Woke notions for example that woman are not born woman or men are not born men, despite biological appearance and substitute pronouns since there were never such pronouns to identify the newly manifested manipulation of humanity, then voila nothing transforms into distortion like a flick of a switch. Guess what Commander in Chief thrives on distortions and putrefactions? I don’t approach this alter of wokeness and I’m certainly not sacrificing our children, our future to this war with ourselves that the dominate orthodoxy of inversion continues to generate. If we continue to allow them to rip our responsibilities for our children from us and we continue with the polarities they spawn upon us, then regrettably we will not have any substance for growth. We will not make it to our approaching evolution. This girl will one day grow into a woman. I will instill the courage needed but mostly allow her to find herself and to give her the opportunities to know, to really know who she is. I will support and honor that woman and all her emotions simply because she feels it. No other explanations necessary. I will defend her when I hear her say “this is who I am” in this unpredictable time where fighting with reality is a source of suffering and folks are having a hard time saying no. In hopes we have some chance of recovery in our future, your kindred wanderer. Hope to see you on that path soon.

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