“For Tonight With You,

I am coming home.” I have written at length about my nest previously, particularly her name, Red. Search Red on my site and you will see how she’s more than a domicile, more like a companion who’s got my back. I reciprocate the attentiveness she bestows upon us with a whole lot of devotion in clearing out stagnant energy with periodic edits. I’m in the trenches with this task currently. It’s freeing to release anything that was dormant or held me back sluggishly. One thing about this sort of homecoming is your level of lucidity increases and this borderland we keep running along is all a vision of bewilderment. Sure it’s jarring to your system, but will you allow it to amuse you or will you allow it to disturb, agitate and bemuse you? “I’m wide awake…I’m not sleeping…”-U2 I’m growing, shifting and expanding. How are you navigating the storm?

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