Dear Liza,

There’s a hole in my bucket dear Liza. How did we arrive to this deadlock situation that Liza and Henry find themselves in…this insatiable quest of consuming to fill an empty heart, but the heart has a hole and needs mending dear Liza? I need to hit the reset button, I’m not talking about Klaussy Schwab’s kind of reform, no thank you der Herr. This vacuous hole some contend to crave with impulsive, divisional pursuits and maintaining the separation from our consciousness only leads to what Mick belts out on stage, “I can’t get no satisfaction.” This repetitively nuanced and manipulative puffery not based in love will never allow us to start to unite the pieces within ourselves and express our true self and eventually accept within us instead of projecting the cyclical and historically implanted fears, anxieties and estrangement of our times. These behaviors not only keep us in an incoherent rhythm within us and thus the illusion we so desperately try to not be, consumes us and radiates around us. To first try to understand this, I need to address what happened to the beauty inside of me? I’m taking a stand to shift into my power heart center, a quiet softening, a permission to search for beauty and understanding, a declaration to speak and create truth while spurring any lack of or scarcity from within. It can be tricky if the heart is not willing to accept the aide to mend it, even if you speak truth with love it may land in the heart of another but slip through the crack. Blessings are not necessarily for the ones who kneel but for those who are able to expand and shift into a coherent state with a more regenerative effect. What kind of energy are you putting out there? Are you stuck in a depleting emotion or are you exploring for the beauty in your heart and everywhere above and below with grace and ease?  

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