Let’s Go __________ !

Fill in the blank with your penchant of praise, but apparently Brandon is a kicky cheer these days. I’m not into trends but it is a hail worth rooting for. It’s heartening to see gatherings with such comradery stepping up for one’s own worth, values and beliefs and setting boundaries at last to these elaborate, subliminal and evolving vacuous programs. This little acrobat doesn’t need much cheering, she knows what she wants and commits. As we were busy at play in the woods, she stretched and sprang her legs perpendicular to this grand old friend. I have to admit, she does it way better than me. She expressly sets the tone…live the life you want to live with your own activities, goals and objectives that allows you to emerge into the best version of yourself. I’m taking responsibility by saying no to past and paltry habits and yes to acquiring new skills, perhaps then I can reach this form that my youngest warrior does so effortlessly and fluently. Play more, stretch more, connect more and don’t worry so much about the crowd, especially if they don’t have your best interest in mind. Let’s not defer to authority because we must but instead choose to honor ourselves. Let’s Go Team!

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