Hold on Tightly

There is no doubt the war of the worlds continues to rage within us, around us and beyond. It’s business as usual: Satan vs. God, Good vs. Evil, Light vs. Dark. As I wait patiently for the Lord, I set my feet upon less trodden grounds far from the usual trail sides that deliver me from evil with its intrinsic intimacy and purity. One step after another, I want to hear, to see and understand your fears but your comfortability I just can’t grasp. Instead of staring at the sun, my eyes are fixed on this chirpy door in an alley way. On these worn smooth streets, where deliverance from evil isn’t easily obtainable, here where you are no longer alone but out in the night and out of your mind…I don’t want to see, won’t you just wrap it around me? Even though the visceral sensations may not be so palpable here, I do love an urban setting once and awhile. It’s where I see tradition blending with innovation and this lemon head yellow door bursting out from earth tone bricks laid skillfully by a craftsman…it’s just golden. Love will have its day. It’s been promised. I’ll cross the sky to find it.

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