Lofty Ventures in the Wounds of my Shadows

When your heart is left with the remnants, still smoldering from a ravaged battlefield, a hill or two become more than a routine, they become a heraldic urgency of sorts. Just another dizzying, hazy early morning acclivous brisk treading, what else do you feel after a battle but real anger and enormous sense of yearning? When life pulls you uphill be on your mettle like it’s your final round. Nothing blandish about it up here…heartbeat racing, sensing it in every muscle that loosens and bends, breathing laboriously through it every bit of the way until you reach the summit and as the dopamine releases, so does the pain that resides in the depths of your marrow and suddenly the mind clears and wins over the one you allowed to vex your peace and just like that you’re aroused with brilliance and beauty once again. Thank goodness I live in a region with lofty and rolling hills so next time I’m provoked with the madden that many are driven by and feel the need to drive me mad just as well…I’ll have my runners ready for any degree of incline. Cheers to high and lofty ventures, pull them to your best. Not a precise translation but you get the gist of τραβα την ανηφορα στα καλυτερα σας, if it’s all Greek to you.

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